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IFTIN Community Services is self-help community-based non-for-profit organization that functions as a bridge between recently arrived refugees and mainstream Somali American Community in D/FW Area, by delivering services that are culturally and linguistically appropriate. I.C.S. continues to be involved with immigrants families/youth as they become settled, promoting and supporting Education, Culture and Skill development, so they can become economically self-sufficient and viable American Citizens. I.C.S. is an important center of the Somali American Community which provides services, community building, cultural orientation, civic participation and advocacy for the community.


The sole mission of the I.C.S. is to further the common welfare and well-being of the Somali community in the State of Texas, especially D/FW area and also to promote and instill in them the American ideals that will help them and result in their eventual successful settlement in the U.S.

"The goal of our programs is to bridge a global gap between 3rd world citizens and a 1st world way of life."
"The goal of this project is to develop a comprehensive staff development and training program."


Iftin dedicates their time for the people of the community. It is a welcoming place to go to for help and assistance....
Arlington, TX
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I.C.S. is a not for profit organization and does not provide a legal advice. If you receive government assistance our organization can help.

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  • 2431 S. Collins St. Suit #A
  • Arlington, Texas 76014
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