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About Us

Iftin Community Services (ICS) located in Arlington Texas, presently serves the
Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area and extends to North Texas in general by virtue
of its multi-services. ICS a self-help, community based, not-for-profit organization
was initially a bridge between recently arrived refugees and the mainstream Somali-American Community through its delivery of services that are linguistically
appropriate, necessary for proper acculturation, and find means to be culturally
accepted, thus providing a smooth and comfortable transition.

Though ICS continues to be involved with immigrant families, within just a few
years it has networked with other non-profits, government agencies and religious
entities and discovered that its services are in great demand and valued by its
surrounding neighbors - indigenous people and immigrants of all nationalities.
Thus, ICS matured and has embraced its calling to advocate for all of humanity.
In recognizing that its mission couldn't come to fruition without the social and
economic advancement and the spiritual values of its neighbors, ICS presently
 interface with the City of Arlington (esp. Arlington Police Department), Texas
Department of Criminal Justice (TDJC), and partners with other non-profits (e.g. Huma-Faith, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, etc.). Reiterating its networking relationships and partnerships with both government agencies and other local
non-profits, ICS promotes and supports all people and nationalities within its
service area.

Gravitating from its original thought, the mission of ICS is to further the common
 welfare and well-being of the Somali American Community and recognizes that
this is only accomplished by effecting the same in communities where Somali's
live and therefore extends services to the general population - embracing all of
humanity within its service area. Our goal for successful settlement within the
U.S. is dependent upon promoting and instilling American ideals such as: being
 productive memers of society, being good neighbors, being both a benefit and
a pillar in our community, and promoting religious tolerance and interfaith

Programs and Services:
The needs of our refugees dictate the types of services the organization provides
and the programs it offers. The following is a list of the current and potential
services and programs of the ICS:
  • Life Skills: GED, ESL, Resume Writing, and College preparatory programs.
  • Legal Aid Services: US Citizenship classes, Immigration Services, Traffic Tickets….etc.
  • Youth Services: After School /Summer Programs, Weekend Programs. Tutoring & mentoring, Sport, Drug prevention & Gang awareness
  • Counseling Services: Family Counseling-Before and After Marriage, Divorce, Youth/Teen counseling sessions and parent education programs.
  • Social Service: Health, Social, Interpreting & translating services
  • Employment Assistance: job training skills and referrals
  • Administrative Services: Open Internet Lab for the community, Filing Services, faxing, printing, Copies and Notary Public.
  • Advocacy & Outreach: Referral; working with other refugees communities so we can link to other community resources; Also organizing and holding community gatherings, festivals…etc.
Every community organization’s needs are always more than the available
scarce resources. The ICS is no exception. The needs of the Somali Community
 in D/FW area are immense. The majority of the Somali refugees do not speak
the English language. The physical environment of the state, climate, culture, the
legal and governmental services are all different from experiences refugees used
to know. To better serve the refugees so they can become viable citizens of U.S
needs a lot support in every way, shape and form, the ICS welcomes and
appreciates financial contributions and moral support.



I.C.S. is a not for profit organization and does not provide a legal advice. If you receive government assistance our organization can help.

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  • 2431 S. Collins St. Suit #A
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