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Iftin Community Services offers aid in translation for completing and studying for your diving permit, filling out forms and offering assistance in behind the wheel hours and exp training.

Here are some things to know when applying for a driver's permit in the state of Texas.

Driver permit is a grant of driving privileges by the state or another jurisdiction that is more limited than those available under a license or that is only available under special or limited circumstances.

When you turn 15 in Texas, you can apply for your instruction permit. You'll apply for the permit at your local driver license office. You'll need to bring the following:

  • Certified birth certificate or other acceptable proof of identity
  • Social Security card or other supporting document such as school records
  • Completion certificate for the classroom portion of an approved driver's education course
  • Completed attendance verification form from your school
  • Proof of insurance if you own a vehicle
  • Signature of a parent or guardian

For Texas teens, driver training is crucial. While the classroom instruction is important, nothing prepares you for the experience behind the wheel―other than practicing behind the wheel.

Texas requires that you complete at least seven hours of behind-the-wheel time and seven hours of in-the-car instruction.

Instruction permits for those over 18 yrs.

If you're younger than 25 you must complete a state-approved driver education course to obtain a permit.

The instruction permit carries certain restrictions with it. You must have a licensed driver 21 years or older sitting in the front seat next to you at all times.

Resource Material:

Texas Driver's Handbook



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