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I.C.S offers professional filing service for all your legal needs. We can provide you with the expert guidance and assistance necessary to insure that your legal documents are prepared and filed correctly. I.C.S. receives over one hundred clients a year who need administrative services, we write recommendation letters, advocacy for employment,social services, education and civil liberty issue letters.

I.C.S. assists in helping clients with filing income tax, we offer:

  • Electronic filing
  • One on one service
  • Rapid refund with direct deposit
  • Multilingual service
  • Friendly staff


I.C.S. is a not for profit organization and does not provide a legal advice. If you receive government assistance our organization can help.

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  • Tel. 1-888- 669-9002
  • 2431 S. Collins St. Suit #A
  • Arlington, Texas 76014
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