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In 2009-2010 the city of Arlington had increase gang activity and was verified by Arlington Police Department those involved were Arab, Afghani and Somali kids.
I.C.S. is fortunate to have Imam Shakib, their founder, to be the youth counselor and clergy with the State of Texas TDCJ and partners with the city of Arlington.

I.C.S. hosts annual community get-togethers since 2010, inviting over 800 community members providing bounce houses for children, food and fun for the whole family. I.C.S. invites guest speakers such as the mayor of Arlington, city officials and the Gang Awareness Unit which opens an opportunity for city officials to come to teach the community about awareness.  I.C.S. partners with the Arlington Police Department by supporting police department initiatives that actively engage in community policing in their effort to provide a safer community. ICS provides Arlington Police Department the opportunity to address members of the community, thus expanding their outreach and effort to bring community awareness to educate on potential consequences in choosing paths and to educate on appropriate life skills to circumvent such problems. The department has acknowledged the success of this relationship by reporting a sustained crime rate and a decrease in the number of potential juvenile offenders (at-risk-kids).

About twice a year the Arlington gang unit guest speaks at I.C.S. to educate the youth and community in general about awareness.

Early warning signs of gang involvement:

Sometimes the signs of gang involvement are easy to detect. Other times they may be more difficult. Since gang crime and activities are constantly on the rise, it’s important to keep a watchful eye on your children and be aware of any suspicious activity.

  • Your children become difficult to communicate with. They become argumentative when you talk about their activities and friends and they become defiant against you or authority and law figures.
  • You notice a change in dress and appearance. They wear only specific colors, oversized clothing, bandanas, baseball caps, etc.
  • They may also use tattoos to identify themselves.
  • They change friends and are secretive over the new ones they make.
  • Your children may not spend much time at home and they don't want to attend family activities.
  • You see a lack of interest or a complete withdrawal from school activities, sports programs, hobbies and the things they normally liked to do.
  • School attendance and performance declines.
  • You may notice alcohol and/or drug use.
  • They get into trouble with the law. Theft, truancy, running away, graffiti, vandalism, violence and possession of weapons are common problems associated with gang activity.
  • They may use nicknames or refer to their friends by nicknames.
  • They flash hand signs to other people when they are out.

There are many signs of gang involvement, but they differ per child. Be sure to keep the lines of communication open when dealing with your children and listen hard to what they have to say. Actions speak louder than words, and you never know when their actions are really a cry for help.



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