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Because of language and cultural barriers, accessing jobs, social services and health care can be nearly impossible for many refugee/immigrant families on their own. The fact that refugees alone have lived a significant portion of their lives in refugee camps, have had little to no knowledge or experience with these types of services (not even in their own country), these services have become, for some of them, a vital part of their lives.

Our services include:
  • Health

On behalf of low income families, ICS has negotiated with Dr. Nadeem to provide a free medical clinic to screen for the whole gamut of potential medical conditions such as High Blood Pressure and Diabetic patients. Also ICS often finances and refers families to Dr. Waseem, with whom ICS have pre-negotiated a set price of 0-25 dollar charge per visit for low income families have urgent care needs. This year alone we have helped 35 cases, in 2011, 40 cases and 2010, 10 cases. In addition for Families with no insurance, ICS helps with enrollment to JPS Assistance Program (County Health Plan) to help provide affordable access to health care and other needs. In 2010, ICS hosted a Community Health Fair, arranged for a doctor to provide wellness check-ups. ICS has also assisted 5 cases—families with dentistry needs through MCC Human Services (a partnering 501 C3 organization).


  • Employment

ICS has helped 20 cases and continues to help community members with finding employment by assisting with the application process, online web searches for job listings, and referring to temp agencies. ICS also writes advocacy letters for employment issues that may arise due to religious, holiday exemption, language problems and/or civil liberty issues. I.C.S. has helped over 70 cases between 2010 and 2012 throughout the state and outside the state.


  • Financial Assistance

I.C.S. has provided or arranged assistance to needy families, has bought 2 families of single mothers vehicles for their own transportation. A 2001 Toyota Avalon and a 2000 Nissan Maxima, provided a low-income student with a Honda Accord. I.C.S. has arranged payment for rent to low-income single mothers who struggle with making ends meet. ICS averages 10 to 20 cases for rent or utilities per year. ICS arranged payment for funeral expenses for 5-10 people a year and just last year 3 people in Amarillo, TX.


  • Outreach/Mentoring

ICS reaches out to inmates of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (e.g. Michael Unit, etc.) by responding to letters from them requesting services. ICS partners with Huma-Faith (, a 501 C 3 organizations, to coordinate safe housing and rehabilitative needs upon their reentering society. Mentoring and spiritual counseling is also provided by ICS leadership at the correction facility to help guide and educate inmates.



  • Housing

ICS, in partnership with interfaith organization (Huma-Faith), make referrals; provide financial assistance, clothing assistance, transportation assistance (bus passes), food assistance, and pastoral care for homeless men, women, and children in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Area.



I.C.S. is a not for profit organization and does not provide a legal advice. If you receive government assistance our organization can help.

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